About us

IT solutions Consultancy

ITSC are experts in simplifying the complex in projects. With over 20 years experience in leading transformation projects, we will work with you, understand the overall ambition of your business, and use our expertise and knowledge to meet those needs. As every project has its’ unique requirements our solution will be tailored to meet your goals. We think about your overall business ambition and tailor our solution to underpin and drive success.

We will work with you to identify the project approach that suits your organisation.

Identify and propose stakeholders, project roles and agree project governance.

Work with you to align project deliverables to your business case objectives with the focus on business outcomes.

Plan the project as far into the future as is sensible or to completion, taking into consideration budgets, timelines, quality and deliverables.

We will create, maintain and manage all project documentation providing transparency on costs, progress and status.

Data Privacy – ensure good GDPR practices are in place.

Data Security – working with your data security teams we will ensure company standards are met.

We will work or lead your development team and ensure the project is on track managing issues and mitigating risks.

We will support in the testing phases by recommending the right number and type of users to ensure the correct types of testing take place.

Working with your technical team we will ensure a smooth deployment.

Our team will be on hand for a smooth transition to BAU, providing knowledge and guidance to the teams to embed new practices which stick after the project closes.

Working with the project team we will collate all lessons learned and provide a report on best practices ​ and learnings to implement on other projects and ones to avoid.